Low Zinc signs- hair loss, impotence, eye/skin issues, low appetite.

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How to Correct a Zinc (Zn) Deficiency

Too Much Zinc has Serious Side Effects

Too Much Zinc has Serious Side Effects but...

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Low "Zn" Causes Serious Problems

  • Low levels may be a factor in toxemia (a pregnancy complication)
  • Low levels may possibly contribute to low birth weight.
  • Low Zn (absorption) is caused by:
  • alcohol
  • diuretics
  • cortisone
  • Tagamet
  • antacids
  • Stress (physical or mental) such as surgery, injury, sickness
  • causes levels to drop rapidly
  • Zn occurs naturally in foods but
  • Zn is destroyed in food processing.
Zinc atomic structure

Zn atomic structure

Molecules are
Too Large

Zn molecules, like iron, are large and are therefore difficult to absorb.

Lives in Your Bones

Most of the Zn in the body is found in the bones, but it is also found in the hair, skin and nails.

Prostate Has
High Concentration

The male prostate gland contains higher concentrations of Zn than any other organ, and zinc is believed to be essential to a healthy prostate. In addition, zinc therapy appears to help in the treatment of some prostate problems.

Critical to Hormones
and Immune System

Zn is essential for hormone metabolism and a strong immune system.

Essential for Healing

A deficiency of Zn will prevent wounds, sprains, fractures and other injuries from healing rapidly.

Transports Vitamin A
to Your Cells

It is part of more than seventy different enzyme systems, and is necessary for the transport of vitamin A (stored in the liver) to the cells.

Depleted by Injury
and Sickness

Infections, injuries and surgery cause excess loss of zinc in the urine.

Necessary for Detox
(Alcohol, etc.)

It's also essential for the detoxification of chemicals, including alcohol. 

1943 zinc penny

How to Restore "Zn" Levels

  • Increase the amount of zinc-rich foods in your diet:
  • sea food
  • cold water fish
  • fresh meat
  • wheat germ
  • pumpkin seeds
  • sunflower seeds
  • nuts
  • oats
  • brewer's yeast
  • eggs
  • tahini
  • mustard
  • Take a multivitamin/mineral tablet containing Zn.
  • Cut back on alcohol and refined sugar if you consume them every day.
  • If you have a high score on our quiz take an extra 30mg of Zn in addition to the multi, for two months only.
  • Don't take them at the same meal.
  • Don't supplement with higher doses of zinc without asking your doctor.

Not Easily Absorbed

Zn is plentiful in foods but it is not easily absorbed, especially from foods such as whole grains, beans and lentils.

Foods containing Zinc

Foods containing Zn

Dieters, Vegetarians
& Elderly at Risk

The elderly and those following a low calorie or strictly vegetarian diet may be most at risk of deficiency.

Destroyed by Excessive
Alcohol or Sugar

Excessive consumption of alcohol or refined sugar also depletes the body of zinc.

More Foods containing Zinc

More Foods containing Zinc

Too Much Has
Serious Side Effects

It is not a good idea to take zinc supplements without the advice of a professional, as excessive amounts can cause deficiencies of other minerals and very large amounts can have serious side effects.

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Zinc is low signs- hair loss, impotence, eye/skin issues, low appetite. Symptom quiz & video
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Zinc is low signs- hair loss, impotence, eye/skin issues, low appetite. Symptom quiz & video
Zinc molecules are big. Low zinc stops healing of wounds, sprains and fractures, and worse - Symptom quiz & video - Correcting Zinc Deficiency
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