Vitamin B-1 uptake is blocked by oysters, herring, diarrhea and tea.

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How to Correct a Vitamin B-1 Deficiency

B-1 is for Mental Health

B-1 (thiamin) is necessary for your mental health. B-1 is often referred to as the "morale" vitamin -- depression, mood changes and other mental dysfunctions are often early symptoms of a B-1 (thiamin) deficiency.

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Watch Out! This Vitamin is Inhibited By:

  • Black tea
  • contains compounds that inhibit B-1 absorption
  • raw sea foods contain thiaminase, a substance which seriously inhibits
    B-1 absorption, sea foods such as:
  •  lox
  • oysters
  • herring
  • sushi, etc.
  • Digestive diseases reduce B-1 absorption, diseases such as:
  • colitis
  • chronic diarrhea

B-1 Fortified Foods NOT Effective

Food manufacturers have tried to replace the lost vitamin B-1 by fortifying their foods with it, but this has proved to be largely ineffective.

Occurs in Whole Foods

It occurs in large quantities only in whole, unprocessed foods. B-1 deficiencies are not uncommon today because we eat so many highly processed foods, in which the B-1 has been destroyed.

B-1 is for Healthy Skin

B-1 is also necessary for normal growth; healthy skin, hair, blood and muscles; appetite and digestion.

Foods Are The Best Source

  • Good sources of this vitamin (Thiamin) are:
  • brown rice
  • rice bran
  • oatmeal
  • oat bran
  • whole wheat
  • wheat germ
  • crushed sunflower seeds
  • soy foods
  • meat
  • fish
  • poultry
  • nuts
  • Alcohol destroys B-1.
  • If you have even one drink every day you may need supplementation.
  • If your chart shows deficiencies of any B vitamins:
  • increase your intake of vitamin B-rich foods
  • take a good multivitamin/mineral capsule or a B-complex tablet daily (with a meal)
  • and follow all recommendations to improve your digestion.

Alcohol Destroys Vitamin B-1

Alcohol destroys vitamin B-1 and for some people only a drink a day is enough to induce a deficiency.

Vitamin B-1 molecular structure

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Vitamin B-1 uptake is blocked by oysters, herring, diarrhea and tea. Symptom quiz & video
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Vitamin B-1 uptake is blocked by oysters, herring, diarrhea and tea. Symptom quiz & video
Vitamin B-1 (thiamin) improves mental health, slows depression. B-1 is destroyed by alcohol, even 1 drink/day. Symptom quiz & video - Correcting Vitamin B-1
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