Thyroid tips No.1 - Is my thyroid over or underactive?

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The thyroid tips video above gives recommendations for an Underactive Thyroid. Please click here for our Overactive Thyroid video.  If you need customized help please click here.

Thyroid Tips

Thyroid Tips #1 -
Hypo or Hyper? - Big Difference!!

A thyroid gland that is underactive results in hypothyroidism, a condition associated with increased risk for hypoglycemia, allergies, cancer and heart disease.

A Few Symptoms

A few of the symptoms of hypothyroidism are cold hands and feet; weight gain, especially of the upper body; sluggishness; and unusual difficulty when trying to work under pressure. A thyroid gland that is overactive (hyperthyroidism) results in entirely different symptoms.

Q u i z !

Which of These 41 Underactive Thyroid Warning Symptoms Do You Actually Have?

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Thyroid Tips #2:
Expect Issues as You Age

Although thyroid disorders can occur at any age, the thyroid gland typically weakens as we grow older, and many experts feel its degeneration is at least partly due to nutritional deficiencies.

Time Wreaks Havoc On Our Nutrition

Vitamin, mineral, enzyme imbalances and other nutritional deficiencies accumulate in our bodies over a long period of time — often the result of many years of nutritional abuse such as eating too many refined foods, fats, sugars, etc. and consuming too few fresh foods and too little fiber.

Here are a few thyroid tips to help you keep your thyroid gland healthy

Discover What is Holding You Back

Your answers to FredaCare's FULL quiz, taken as a whole, focus attention on your most important nutritional imbalances. Once you have corrected these, other, less significant, imbalances tend to correct themselves.

Buy Supplements Locally

Please note that we do not sell vitamins, etc. We offer a nutritional assessment and consultation service only. Specific foods, vitamins and nutritional supplements recommended are usually available from your local suppliers.

Here are some thyroid tips about your thyroid gland

Thyroid Tips #3:
Your Nutritional Needs are Yours Alone

Figuring out how to restore and/or maintain nutritional balance is a very individual problem — we are each biochemically unique and therefore our needs for specific nutrients vary greatly.

Your Body Chemistry is Always Changing

Also, as we age, body chemistry changes require that we change our approach to nutrition. A diet that might have kept you and your thyroid nutritionally healthy five years ago may not be as effective today.

The Important First Step

That is why nutritional analysis, such as a our FULL  symptom quiz test provides, is an important first step in determining the current status of your body’s nutritional health and beginning a customized program to correct your unique nutritional deficiencies.

A Real Professional Interprets Your Needs

A real Registered Nutritional Consultant interprets your graph and selects recommendations for corrective measures. 

Detailed, Specific Help

Your recommendations are quite detailed and consist of both explanations of your deficiency(s) and advice as to which foods and/or supplements are nutritionally the most effective (and most cost-efficient) for you.

Lifelong Good Health

More and more doctors and medical scientists agree that it is important to build and maintain nutritional wellness in order to achieve lifelong good health — for you and your family. Remember that you are unique — and your nutritional requirements are unique.

Thyroid Tips #4:
Act Before It's Too Late

Within 48 hours we send you an email with your complete nutritional report showing all 55 nutrient/health areas, grouped in 22 critical health categories. This is a valuable tool that will help you correct nutritional problems such as thyroid issues before they become serious health problems.

Nutritional Symptom Test

Our comprehensive full quiz tabulates hundreds of documented symptoms of nutritional deficiencies and imbalances. Your weighted answers (1-3) are subjected to a scoring algorithm that displays your results as a graph showing the probability of specific nutritional deficiencies.

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Thyroid tips No.1 – Is my thyroid over or underactive? Symptom quiz & video
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Thyroid tips No.1 – Is my thyroid over or underactive? Symptom quiz & video
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