Pantothenic acid loss leads to degenerative diseases or even death.

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How to Correct a Pantothenic Acid Deficiency
(Vitamin B-5)

Glandular Imbalances

Pantothenic acid supplements are sometimes prescribed for glandular imbalances and other problems.

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Pantothenic acid (vitamin b-5) helps you deal with stress

Vitamin b-5 helps you deal with stress.

Benefits of Vitamin B-5

  • B-5 releases energy from your food
  • helps metabolize cholesterol and fatty acids
  • B-5 helps maintain a healthy immune system
  • B-5 helps maintain a healthynervous system
  • B-5 helps maintain healthy adrenals.
  • B-5 is needed for the body's manufacture of adrenal hormones
  • adrenal hormones are the substances hat give you the ability to deal effectively with stress of all kinds
  • Stress uses up your body's reserves of vitamin B-5, and makes you feel weak and tired.
  • However, ingesting more B-5 (either through whole foods and/or supplements) usually can help renew your strength and vitality

Refined Sugar & Flour

It is important to cut back on refined sugar and white flour products.

Take a Daily Multivitamin or B-Complex Tablet

Take a good multivitamin/mineral capsule or a B-complex tablet daily (with a meal).

Discovered in 1933

B-5 was discovered in 1933 by the American biochemist, Dr. Roger Williams. He found that a deficiency of vitamin B-5 in animals can lead to a variety of degenerative diseases and eventually death.


He also discovered that people under constant psychological stress have an even greater need for vitamin B-5, and it was shortly after this finding that B-5 became known as the "stress vitamin".

The Endocrine System including the Adrenal Glands

Dr. Roger Williams in the 1950s

Foods Are the Best Sources

Foods are your best sources of all nutrients.

Increase Vitamin B Foods

If your chart shows deficiencies of any B vitamins, increase your intake of vitamin B-rich foods (see below and also the Vitamin B recommendations).

Sources of Vitamin B-5

  • multivitamin/mineral tablet containing B vitamins (daily)
  • Royal jelly is an excellent supplementary source of this and other B vitamins
  • Do NOT take royal jelly if you are allergic to bee stings
  • little of this B Vitamin is found in fresh fruits and vegetables
  • so eat:
  • eggs
  • meat
  • soybeans
  • whole grains
  • breads
  • cereals
  • brown rice
  • lentils
  • peanuts
  • peas
  • beans
  • salmon.
Peanuts contain pantothenic acid (vitamin b-5)
Meats contain pantothenic acid (vitamin b-5)
Brown Rice contains pantothenic acid (vitamin b-5)

Food processing techniques  and too much heat destroy this B Vitamin

Take High Doses Cautiously

While most people can safely take relatively high doses of pantothenic acid (up to 400mg three times a day), try this only if your doctor recommends it.

Digestion Important!

Follow all recommendations to improve your digestion.

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Pantothenic acid loss leads to degenerative diseases or even death. Symptom quiz & Video
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Pantothenic acid loss leads to degenerative diseases or even death. Symptom quiz & Video
Pantothenic acid (B-5) is depleted by stress, and initially makes you feel weak and tired. Symptom quiz & video - correcting vitamin B-5 deficiency
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