Magnesium is critical to heart, brain and kidneys - plus weight loss!

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How to Correct Magnesium Deficiency

A Few of Its Many Functions

  • hormone and protein synthesis
  • digestion of starches and sugars
  • production of stomach acid
  • synthesis of antibodies
  • digestive enzyme synthesis
  • sugar and fat metabolism
  • production and transfer of energy.

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Which of These 29 Magnesium Warning Symptoms Do You Actually Have?

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Magnesium is Essential

And is required for maintenance of some of the most basic functions of life.

Heart, Brain and Kidneys Depend on it

Our heart, brain and kidneys are dependent upon it. Lack of this mineral is associated with some major diseases (below).

Leafy Greens have Magnesium

Leafy Greens have Magnesium

Seek Your Doctor's Advice When...

Supplements of this mineral should not be taken (without a doctor's recommendation) by people with certain heart or kidney problems.

Multivitamin / Mineral Supplement

If you have a high score a good multivitamin/mineral supplement would be a good idea for a couple of months.

Integral Part of Every Cell

This mineral is an integral component of every cell in the body. A greater number of diseases have been associated with this deficiency than with the deficiency of any other mineral.

Snack on Nuts
and Spicy Foods

Eating an extra snack of a few raw almonds or brazil nuts during the day will help, as will eating foods spiced with cumin, cayenne and basil.

Critical for Bones

This mineral is just as critical for healthy bones as calcium.

Large Atom

Because it has a large atom, it may be easier to absorb from food than from supplements.

Foods to Eat for Magnesium

  • figs
  • lemons
  • grapefruit
  • other citrus fruit
  • apples
  • leafy greens
  • whole grains
  • dairy food
  • nuts
  • legumes
  • hot spices
  • cocoa
Dried Figs are full of magnesium

Dried Figs are full of magnesium

Alcohol Causes Major Losses

Alcohol causes you to lose large amounts of magnesium.

Chocolate Cravings?

People who have a strong craving for chocolate may be magnesium deficient, since cocoa is one of the richest sources. For obvious reasons, you will want to eat more fruits, vegetables and legumes (rather than more chocolate) to add this mineral to your diet.

Marginal Deficiencies Due to Malnutrition

Severe deficiencies of magnesium are rare but marginal deficiencies occur due to malnutrition. Some sources of malnutrition are listed in the table below.

Magnesium is Depleted by:

  • Drugs such as:
  • cortisone
  • aspirin
  • antibiotics
  • diuretics
  • cardiac drugs
  • coffee
  • alcohol
  • following a strict weight loss diet
  • following a diet very low in whole, fresh foods
  • nutrient absorption problems
  • heavy exercise (athletes require more)
  • pregnancy
  • some diseases

Cut Back on Alcohol and...

​Cut back on alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar, white flour and white rice. They cause you to lose this mineral.

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Magnesium is critical to heart, brain and kidneys – plus weight loss! Symptom quiz & video
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Magnesium is critical to heart, brain and kidneys – plus weight loss! Symptom quiz & video
Magnesium problems trigger many diseases: heart, kidney, blood pressure, depression, even Parkinson's. Symptom quiz & video - correcting low magnesium
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