Heart attacks surprise. Arteries often clog 80% with no warnings.

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How to Reverse Heart Disease

Circulatory Problems
and Heart Attacks

Many people are unaware that they suffer from circulatory problems, most of which are due to atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

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80% Clogged & No Symptoms!

It is little known that your arteries can be 80% clogged before you feel any symptoms.

Plaque (cholesterol, calcium and cellular debris) collects in the arteries over a period of years, but is not noticed until there is a decrease in the normal flow of blood.

Heart problems come from Atherosclerosis

Improvements in Diet

It is also little known that cholesterol is not the main problem. Damaged artery linings that allow plaque to attach itself are the prime cause of clogged arteries.

Damage Can
Be Reversed

Fortunately, it has been shown that arterial damage can often be reversed. That is, artery walls can be strengthened and arteries reopened.

How to Reverse
Arterial Damage

Arterial damage can be reversed by following a careful holistic regimen of diet, nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes.

Causes of Atherosclerosis

Heart attacks target belly fat

Diet Should Be
Your Prime Focus

Diet should be the prime focus of any changes you make. As well, there are vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements and concentrated superfoods that can help you regain your nutritional strength. But they must be the right ones for you — the ones that your body needs. Please note that I do not sell foods, vitamins or any other nutritional products — I provide nutritional analysis and counseling. My recommendations usually include specific foods, vitamins and nutritional supplements that are available from your local suppliers.

What does
Atherosclerosis Do?

As your arteries get plugged  it makes your heart strain much harder to pump your blood  throughout your body. If your heart strains too hard for too long, a heart attack or stroke can result, sometimes resulting in death or serious paralysis.

What is Atherosclerosis?

Atherosclerosis is artery disease which involves the depositing of plaques of fatty material on the inner artery walls. Plaque is a hard, whitish, pus-like material that plugs up your arteries.

Potassium and
Your Heart

Potassium is one of the nutrients critical to the health of your heart. It enables your heart to pump by initiating impulses which stimulate contraction of the heart’s muscle fibres.

Potassium Lowers
Stroke Risk

Studies also suggest that high potassium intake may lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke. Following are a few symptoms which might indicate possible potassium deficiency: 

Symptoms of Potassium Deficiency

  • adult acne
  • chronic constipation
  • edema
  • frequent urination with large volumes
  • facial tics
  • constant fatigue.

Other Heart Deficiencies

Lack of magnesium and vitamin B complex are among the other nutrient deficiencies which may be associated with heart disease and high blood pressure.

Very Individual Problem

Vitamin, mineral, enzyme imbalances and other nutritional deficiencies accumulate in our bodies over a long period of time. These problems are often the result of many years of nutritional abuse such as:

Nutritional Causes

  • eating too many refined foods
  • eating too many fats
  • eating too many sugars, etc.
  • consuming too few fresh foods
  • consuming too  little fiber.

Each of Us is
Nutritionally Unique

Figuring out how to restore and/or maintain nutritional balance is a very individual problem — we are each biochemically unique and therefore our needs for specific nutrients vary greatly.

Nutritional Needs
Vary as We Age

Also, as we age, body chemistry changes require that we change our approach to nutrition. A diet that might have kept you nutritionally healthy five years ago may not be as effective today. That is why nutritional analysis, such as our comprehensive symptom questionnaire provides, is an important first step in determining the current status of your body’s nutritional health, including your circulatory system, and beginning a customized program to correct your unique nutritional deficiencies.

Open Heart Surgery

Leading Cause of Death

Atherosclerosis and its complications, heart disease and stroke, are the leading cause of illness and death in North America. It is no coincidence that never before have we been so exposed to the causes of atherosclerosis:

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Heart attacks will surprise you. Arteries often clog 80% with no warnings. 17 Symptom Quiz & Video
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Heart attacks will surprise you. Arteries often clog 80% with no warnings. 17 Symptom Quiz & Video
Heart health can be reversed with the right nutrients, that strengthen artery walls and reopen clogged arteries. Symptom Quiz - 17 warning signs
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