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The change has been remarkable, the pain in my hands literally disappeared, my nausea went away and my energy level skyrocketed, for the first time in awhile I feel good.

Portland OR

Hi there

In this day and age, there are many
things that hold us back from living a truly healthy life…

Our Diets

Pollution in Our

Stressful Work

Lack of Access to
Affordable Health Care

and much more...

Are You As Healthy AsYou Want To Be?

Statistics show that only 13% of people feel that they are healthy and really well – that leaves an entire 87% of the population struggling on a daily basis!

Which group do you belong in?

Sadly, most of us do not feel as healthy as we could…

Do you have Aches and Pains?

Do you Struggle to
get in Bed and Fall

Are you Tired?

Do Any Of These Describe You?


Do you Struggle to get out of Bed?

What about Anxiety,
Depression, and

Most People Try Thing Like

Going to the doctor

Buying special supplements and remedies that promise the world

Scouring online web sites looking for answers to what might be wrong and how to fix it

But unfortunately, even with all of the above, 87% of the population is still STRUGGLING to live a life of health...

Do You Want To Feel Better, Have More Energy,
And Live A More Fulfilling Healthier Life?

There is GOOD News…

You CAN feel better. You CAN live a life where you have the energy and HEALTH to do the things you want to do and make the most of each and every day…

…regardless of age or prior health issues…

Hi, my name is Jon, and I know exactly how you’re feeling…

I’ve been there...

Freda Newman RNC and Jon Pedersen - Health Coaches since 1997

18 years ago, when Freda and I first started out, I didn’t know how to explain how I was feeling to my doctor, I was afraid I would not be taken seriously about some of the minor ailments that were impacting how I felt......and I really wasn’t interested in spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on specialists...

...or various tests that might not be deemed medically necessary…

So I set out on a quest to find answers...

...answers that most of my clients wanted as well because  they, like me, were struggling with serious doubts after trying the traditional medical route to health…

And slowly, over the years, working with hundreds of clients Freda and I have compiled a list of 392 hidden symptoms that doctors routinely ignore. In fact they don't really even know about many of them...

I’m going to let you in on a scary little secret…

Most Health Insurance Companies And Even
National Health Plans Don’t Care If You’re Sick…

Sure, they will treat you for major ailments and infection……

but if you’re not feeling quite right or you want to try to figure out how you could feel better naturally, that’s normally not covered…


Because testing, doctors, and labs are expensive…

Not to mention, doctors are overworked and BUSY…

Even if they want to help, you rarely get the kind of one-on-one attention to need when you visit a traditional family doctor…

Or, maybe you thought the issue was so minor it couldn’t possibly be worth mentioning…

I'm Here to Tell You That No Issue Is Too Small ...

And so, like most people, I just put up with those little problems. And, over a period of years, I learned to live with them — because I felt those little health problems were just too insignificant to mention to my doctor. Perhaps you have similar symptoms...

Things like when...

  • your hair is way too dry or
  • you have dark circles under your eyes or
  • your nails are too brittle or maybe you get
  • cramps in your legs or you feel
  • hungry right after eating

Well, I found out the hard way that these little health problems are symptoms that you should NOT ignore - because not only could they be making you feel unwell, but, like me, they could be warning you of big problems ahead.

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar... ?

You’ve tried talking to your doctor who...

  • pooh-poohed your symptoms? or
  • ran tests that ended up costing you a fortune?

You’ve tried supplements and other remedies which led to...

  • wasting money? or even
  • more health problems?  
  • or the supplements just didn't work?

You’ve scoured sites online looking for answers but were... 

  • never able to pinpoint why you're feeling bad? and
  • never able to achieve the health you want?

Maybe you’re about to give up and resign yourself to a life of being “less than healthy...”

Please don’t, because…

Just Before I Was Ready To Give Up…
Freda and I Finally
Stumbled Across The Solution…

I know, you can only try something so many times before you get frustrated and finally give up... I was almost to that point, when we realized the answer to my problems had been right under our noses all the time!

It was then that we began to take a second look at all the hundreds of people we had helped over the years. They all had been so grateful that we helped them with their nutritional problems. And all of those clients had something in common.

They all had little symptoms that were so ordinary we had almost missed them. Over the years we had seen hundreds of little symptoms and combinations of symptoms and we had learned that each of them meant something important.

There were so many different little symptoms that we had begun to write them all down. We even began wondering if we could compile all these symptoms so that others could easily see the problems their bodies were warning them about.

…And here I was, in trouble, worried about my health. It was the classic situation of the carpenter whose house is falling down. When I woke up to the obvious I immediately used our growing list of hidden symptoms to check my own symptoms. And when I saw the results I was shocked - but I knew immediately what I had to do...

I used the hidden cardiac symptoms I had found - the symptoms my ER doctors wanted to ignore - and demanded they check me more thoroughly. It was only then that they finally agreed, and I got the heart surgery that saved my life.

A few months later, once I had recovered, Freda and I became even more determined to fully develop the hidden symptom system I had used to help myself.

And it's ready now! We call it the TurboChart System. It's based on 392 known hidden symptoms. And already we're using our System to help as many people as possible.

TurboCharts provide a very effective way to visually see the meaning of your body's hidden warning symptoms.

TurboCharts help you not only feel better but, perhaps more importantly, help you begin to achieve true, lifelong w

So that is how…

FredaCare's TurboCharts Were Born...

Our 21 TurboCharts are...


We send you a detailed health report called a TurboChart Report. We create your Report based on your answers to our proprietary TurboChart Quiz. As you read your report you'll graphically see exactly WHY you’re not feeling your best. Better still, you'll also see exactly how to fix it...


It all starts by answering a series of very detailed, but important questions… things you might have never even been asked before… We take your answers and, using our unique scoring algorithm, identify easy-to-understand, step-by-step solutions for your health problems! 

Professionally Supervised

Freda, a skilled (Registered) Nutritional Consultant with 20+ years experience, will review your answers, verify your TurboChart and create and email you your personalized TurboChart Report, complete with all your results, chart(s) and recommendations…


Although the feedback you get from us is extremely informative and accurate, you’ll spend FAR LESS than if you were to visit doctors, specialists, or pay for labs…

Sample TurboChart showing up to 55 Health/Nutrient Potential Problem Areas

Here are the 21 Critical Health Areas Covered by FredaCare's TurboCharts

  • Immune System
  • Energy & Fatigue
  • Skin Health
  • Digestive System
  • Allergies
  • Nerves/Stress Control
  • PMS Control
  • Liver/Gall Bladder
  • Sexual/Reproductive
  • Kidney/Bladder
  • Weight Loss Factors
  • Toxic Metals
  • Pre-Surgery & Healing Readiness
  • Colon Health
  • Bone Health
  • Cardiac System
  • Brain/Memory
  • Hypoglycemia / Candidiasis
  • Eye Health
  • Hair Health
  • Teeth/Gum Health

Here’s Exactly How our TurboChart System Works…

Choose your most pressing area of health from the list of TurboCharts above.

After your payment has been processed you’ll receive the FredaCare TurboChart Quiz. It's your first step on your road to true wellness...

At the beginning of your quiz you'll choose the TurboChart you need.

The questions of the TurboChart Quiz will totally surprise you, as they have so many others. It’s going to ask questions you’ve never thought of before, questions you didn’t realize can relate to your health in an important way...

Next we will quickly take your weighted answers into our proprietary scoring algorithm and create your unique TurboChart Report, containing your own personal health profile, TurboChart(s) and step-by-step corrective recommendations.

Your TurboChart Report will visually show you all the details of your health profile.

You will clearly see which are your most pressing health issues, exactly what it is you need to repair and exactly how to do it, using our comprehensive step-by-step instructions and recommendations. 

Following our easy suggestions will not only allow you to moderate or eliminate health problems but, even more importantly, will strengthen your immune system to help you successfully avoid any health dangers that lie ahead.

It's with the help of the FredaCare TurboChart System that you can finally begin your  journey to true, lifelong wellness.

Here’s What You Get Back From Us After You
Submit Your TurboChart Quiz Answers…

  • Your own personal, customized Report listing your specific deficiencies and health issues and also containing...
  • Your own graphical TurboChart, visually illustrating your specific problem area complete with...
  • Links to detailed corrective recommendations for up to 55 nutrient / health deficiencies detected, including explanatory videos and text. You'll also have the opportunity to order...
  • Up to 20 additional, optional TurboCharts with all corrective links. These would also be included in your customized TurboChart Report. Everything will be exactly detailed with our easy, step-by-step instructions.

Although your TurboChart Report can be an almost overwhelming amount of incredibly useful information, it will give deep insight into your state of health.

Our clients love it!

And don’t take just take our word for it…

Here’s What FredaCare Customers
Have To Say About TurboCharts…

Dear Freda,

I want to thank you so much for my TurboChart and recommendations. I have been pouring over the information on my chart and the website links.

I am so impressed with your company.I plan to advise everyone I know to have a TurboChart done by you!

The information is so clearly communicated and accessible. I have noticed a difference already in my overall health.

You are wonderful! Thank you for making a difference in my life!

- Kelly Marquis, San Francisco CA

Dear Fredacare,

About a week ago I ordered your Turbo Chart. Being an eternal skeptic, but an avowed believer in nutritional and natural remedies to solve some of the body’s problems, I read it with caution.

I then implemented a dietary change to incorporate changes that addressed the red line or near red line deficiencies.

The change has been remarkable, the pain in my hands literally disappeared, my nausea went away and my energy level skyrocketed, for the first time in awhile I feel good.

I'll keep it up and for whatever role your Turbo Chart played, Thank You.

- AM, Portland OR

Hi Freda and Jon,

I wanted to thank you for the detailed Turbo Chart and recommendations.

I think I understand all of them and will try to implement them.

I was very happy to have found you on the Internet.

You really provide a great service.

- JL, Washington DC

Hi Freda,

I first want to thank you for sharing such wonderful information. I'm finally starting to get a clue as to why I feel and act the way I do.

I have been to nutritionists before, tried every diet known to man, been to a regular doctor, and read books.

It was very assuring to see that chart and know that I am on the road to discovering the mysteries of my body.

- KL, Sacramento CA

Dear Freda and Jon,

Can't thank you enough for all of the information that you have provided. It seems a little overwhelming but I am working on getting a lot of supplements that you have recommended.

It is SO nice to have someone actually listen to me and my concerns regarding several of the problems that I am experiencing and not wave their hand in my face and say, sorry can't help you out or it's just something that you have to live with, etc.....

Anyway, I was reading about the undetected food allergies and you had mentioned some extra at-home tests to help determine which foods I should eliminate from my diet. I would appreciate it if you would send me the instructions so I can give a try.

Again, thank you so much for the information and the instructions. I really appreciate it.

- TB, Midlothian IL

Thanks so much, Jon and Freda!

I'm so very impressed and thankful that I've found your site.

I'm recommending it to others! ...You're so very thorough and concise with everything.

Thanks again.

- Catherine Owenby, Knoxville TN


Thank you.

That was very thorough.

I may do it again in a few months to see the changes.

- AJ, Halifax NS

“It Sounds Great, But How Much Is
This Going To Set Me Back?”

Can you really put a price on your health?

The average basic doctor consultation costs $250 and lab work can easily cost you multiple hundreds and thousands of dollars extra.

So it would be easy to charge $1,000 or more for access to the TurboChart System…

However, for a limited time we’ve highly discounted access to your choice of TurboCharts…

Normally, you’d pay $197 for each TurboChart...

But today, you can choose any one of the above 21 TurboCharts for a low one-time investment of just $37!

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FredaCare.com is a  Division of The John Amos Group Ltd.

There’s Absolutely No Risk When You Take Action Today…(& Your Doctor Would NEVER Offer This:)

There's ​No Risk Because...

You’re fully protected by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee... 

If for any reason or even no reason at all you’re not 100% satisfied with your FredaCare  TurboChart experience, just send us an email, and...

we’ll refund every penny of your investment……

NO questions asked.

Please Don’t Wait… Every Day You Wait Is A Day You Could Be Living A Better, Healthier Life…

Here’s what will happen after you enter your payment information…


You'll decide which Chart (or Charts) you want. Later you can get additional TurboCharts...


You’ll receive an Email with your link to the TurboChart Quiz…


You'll select the TurboChart you want and complete the TurboChart Quiz. It takes about 15 Minutes...


You’ll Click “Submit” and your answers will be securely sent to Freda Newman RNC, who will analyze your results and create your TurboChart Report...


You'll receive an email within 24-48 hours with your  complete TurboChart Results, and you'll be on your way to lifelong wellness!

Click The “Start Now!” Button Now To Get Started…

Lock-in your discount and pay just $37 for ANY TurboChart Report (21 available), complete with step-by-step suggestions to help you fix any problems detected..

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…but the results you’ll get are PRICELESS…

Click below to get started now…

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FredaCare.com is a  Division of The John Amos Group Ltd.

Before we let you go, we want to thank you for taking the time review this very important and valuable information…

We're truly excited about the positive change in your life that our proprietary TurboChart System can provide…

Start Today!


Freda and Jon

Freda Newman RNC and Jon Pedersen

PS – We've compiled some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about FredaCare and the TurboChart System…

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ONLY $37!!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!!

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