Fluoride poisoning depends on the fluoride content of your soils.

Symptom Quiz & Video

For detailed Fluoride Toxicity help watch the video above and/or read below.  Here is the link for additional help.

How to Correct Fluoride Toxicity

Bones and Teeth

This mineral is essential to the development of healthy bones and teeth. At low levels it seems to protect bones and teeth. Tests have shown that water with 1 part per million of this mineral protects teeth.

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Which of These 5 Fluoride Toxicity Warning Symptoms Do You Actually Have?

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Brown Mottled
Spots on Teeth?

However, when the concentration is increased to just 3 parts per million, teeth develop brown mottled spots. Increased levels in your body may quickly become toxic.

Compounds are Widely Distributed

It is widely distributed (in its compound forms) in soils, plants, animals and water supplies.

How Much Do We Take In?

Ignoring the effect of fluoridated water, it is estimated that we take in between .3mg/day (in low-fluoride soil areas) to 3.1mg/day (in high-level soil areas). However, it is also estimated that up to 3mg per day are excreted from the body through urine and sweat

High Fluoride Content Groundwater

High Level Content Groundwater

No to Liquid Fasting

Do not go on a liquid fast when cleansing your body of chemical contaminants because they may enter the bloodstream too fast for your body to eliminate.

Try a Liver Cleanse

Your liver and kidneys are your body's filtering system and may be affected by any chemical or metal toxicity. To cleanse your liver and kidneys, drink a glass of water with two to three teaspoons of lemon juice first thing in the morning. I also recommend a consultation with a holistic doctor (such as a naturopath or homeopath).

Fluoride Poisoning
is Not Common

However, if you think there is any reason that you might be suffering from high levels (ie, due to environmental factors, etc.), follow these recommendations.

What to Do

For about a week, to help cleanse your system, eat a diet consisting of:

  • mainly fresh vegetables
  • vegetable juices
  • non-fluoridated water
  • brown rice 

And eat NONE of the following:

  • fried foods
  • meats
  • dairy products (except yogurt)
  • sweet foods

  • A green food supplement (available at your health food store) would be a good addition to your diet.
  • To strengthen your immune system, take a good antioxidant supplement formula, also available at your health food store
Fluoride Toxicity - Dental Fluorosis Enamel Celiac

Dental Fluorosis Enamel Celiac

Nausea and Aching Bones?

You will be likely to have some nausea and aching bones. If you do have these symptoms, avoid drinking fluoridated water and using fluoridated toothpaste.

Check Your Teeth

If you have a buildup of fluoride in your system you will definitely have discoloured teeth or they may have off-white, or a brownish-yellow, mottled appearance. They might also be pitted.

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Fluoride poisoning depends on the fluoride content of your soils. Symptom quiz & video
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Fluoride poisoning depends on the fluoride content of your soils. Symptom quiz & video
Fluoride is good in small quantities but too much quickly becomes toxic. Symptom quiz & video - how to protect from fluoride toxins
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