Diseases and other health crises are often rooted in nutritional imbalances.

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Nutrition and Diseases

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Diseases and Nutrition

Nutritional imbalances, if left uncorrected, may cause or contribute to many types of problems -- such as thyroid, fatigue, heart diseases, diabtetes, depresssion, weight control, etc.

Some Examples

For example, although thyroid problems can occur at any age, the thyroid gland typically weakens as we grow older, and many experts feel its degeneration is at least partly due to nutritional deficiencies.

And nutritional deficiencies can eventually change body chemistry. For example, a diabetic condition often results when, over a long period of time, the pancreas is overworked by poor diet and loses its ability to produce enough insulin.

Health and Illness relate directly to Diet, Nutrition and diseases

Nutrition and Obesity

And successful long term weight control can be made very difficult, if not impossible, by nutritional imbalances in areas such as thyroid, adrenals, digestive, etc.

A Lifetime of Accumulating Deficiencies

Vitamin, mineral, enzyme imbalances and other nutritional deficiencies accumulate in our bodies over a long period of time.

Secret Weapons Against Diseases

As well, there are vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements and concentrated superfoods that can help you regain your nutritional strength -- if that is required. But they must be the right foods and supplements for you -- the ones that your body needs.

Thomas Edison quote about Diet, Nutrition and diseases

You are Unique

We are each biochemically unique and therefore our needs for specific nutrients vary greatly.

Years of Nutritional Abuse

They are often the result of many years of nutritional abuse such as eating too many refined foods, fats, sugars, etc. and consuming too few fresh foods and too little fiber.

Nutritional Needs Change as We Age

Also, as we age, body chemistry changes require that we change our approach to nutrition so determining how to restore and/or maintain nutritional balance and thyroid health, etc. is a very individual problem.

Diet Should Be Your First Focus

Diet should be the prime focus of any changes you make -- however, a diet that might have kept you nutritionally healthy five years ago may not be as effective today.

Nutritional Analysis

That is why nutritional analysis, such as my comprehensive symptom questionnaire provides, is an important first step in determining the current status of your body's nutritional health and beginning a customized program to correct your unique nutritional deficiencies.

Foods and Supplements Available Locally

Please note that I do not sell vitamins or nutritional supplements. I recommend foods and supplements that are generally available at your local stores.

Discover Your Unique Needs

Take the first step now, and begin by learning which nutritional imbalances are your most pressing.

Diseases and other health crises are often rooted in nutritional imbalances
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Diseases and other health crises are often rooted in nutritional imbalances
Diseases can moderate after nutritional changes, including health crises like Depression, Diabetes, Fatigue, Cancer, Heart, Thyroid, Weight Control and more
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