Digestive enzyme loss can cause bloating, pain, heartburn and more.

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Low Digestive Enzymes

Pancreas Produces Enzymes

The pancreas produces most of our digestive enzymes but its function may become sluggish due to age, nutrient deficiencies and/or poor diet.

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Enzyme Inhibitors

  • Coffee
  • alcohol
  • tobacco smoke
  • drugs
  • refined sugar
  • food preservatives
  • artificial sweeteners
  • The above are all hard on the pancreas. Excess sugar is especially destructive.
  • Eliminate or cut back on as many of the above as possible.
Digestive Enzymes come from the Pancreas

Allow Digestion

These enzymes are substances that allow your body to digest food, and transform it into the various nutrients required to sustain life. Healthy enzyme levels are critically important.

Enzymes are In all Whole, Fresh, Raw Foods

All whole, fresh, raw foods contain enzymes which help them break down and digest easily in your system. However, processing, cooking and storing foods destroys most of these enzymes so we are forced to depend on enzymes produced in our body to digest that type of food.

Ptyalin in Saliva is First Stage of Digestion

When you salivate in anticipation of food, your body is preparing for digestion by generating an enzyme (ptyalin) in your saliva which is part of the first step of good digestion. The ptyalin that mixes with food in your mouth serves as a marker, and triggers additional enzymes when the food reaches your stomach. That's why it's so important to chew your food carefully before you swallow.

Digestive Enzymes occur naturally in raw, whole foods


Supplemental enzymes are available in capsule form, chewable pills and liquid form. Carbohydrates, fats and proteins each require a specific enzyme to break them down. Full-spectrum enzymes are available or you can buy single supplements to help digest one particular kind of food such as fats.

Too Much Supplementation?

However, before taking supplementary  enzymes it is important to first determine with certainty that you need them, since excessive levels of enzymes can also create problems. You will notice a warm sensation in your stomach if you are taking enzymes that you don't really need, or if you are taking too many.


If you have poor digestion, or if you got a high score on our nutritional quiz, it indicates that your pancreas may not be producing enough enzymes to digest your food well.

Digestive enzymes are an important part of the digestive system

Worse As We Age

Poor digestion is a very common problem, especially as we get older. 

Learn Food Combining

Better combinations of foods can make a tremendous difference in digestion -- it might be a good idea to try better food combining first to see if it relieves your symptoms.

Check Other Factors

A sluggish liver or colon or an overactive stomach or an underactive stomach could also be factors in your digestion problems.

What to Do

  • Eat fresh, raw foods and foods that are very lightly cooked (lightly steamed or stir-fried) because they are the only dietary sources of enzymes (enzymes are destroyed by heat).
  • Try to eat more raw fruits and vegetables and don't overcook your vegetables.
  • Take a digestive enzyme supplement with all meals, especially if you're eating mostly cooked foods.
  • With some meals you may need more than one capsule.
  • Take a good multivitamin/mineral tablet with a meal.
  • If it does not contain at least 50mg of vitamin B-6, add a B complex tablet as well -- taken at a separate meal.
  • If these recommendations do not relieve your discomfort, consult with your health care practitioner.
Digestive Enzymes weren't such a problem before the advent of processed food

Digestive Enzymes
Are Stimulated

The production of natural enzymes is stimulated by several things such as delicious food smells, the pleasing look of food, or just the anticipation of food.

Slow and Relaxed
Stimulates Digestion

Eating in a slow, relaxed manner is very important to good digestion. The flow of digestion juices can be severely inhibited by worry, anger, fear, fatigue or other strong emotions. Eating when you are tired or stressed, etc. not only results in indigestion because the enzymes have not been present to do their work, but prevents your body from extracting the nutrients it needs.

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Digestive enzyme loss can cause bloating, pain, heartburn and more. Symptom Quiz & Video
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Digestive enzyme loss can cause bloating, pain, heartburn and more. Symptom Quiz & Video
Your digestion may become sluggish due to age, nutrient deficiencies and/or poor diet. Symptom quiz & video - how to improve your digestive enzymes
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