Dieting - no one program works for all. There is a missing key factor.

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A Very Individual Problem

Fortunately, people are beginning to realize that dieting is a very individual problem.

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As We Age...

For example, as we age our body chemistry changes and requires that we take a very different approach to weight loss in our mid-years. A diet that may work for a 25-year-old is not likely to work, in the long term, for a 45-year-old.

Poor Nutrition Can Cause Obesity

As well, there are a number of nutritionally-related imbalances that may cause obesity, such as slow metabolism and thyroid imbalance, sluggish liver, blood sugar imbalance, poor digestion and elimination, overeating (especially the wrong kinds of foods), or a combination of any of these.

Requires Right Approach For You

For example, some people can lose weight by going on a liquid fast for a day, while for others that will never work — not for lack of willpower, but because it’s the wrong approach for their body type. Some people will lose weight eating salads, etc. — while others will never lose weight that way — they have to find the foods that suit their body’s unique requirements.

No One Program Works for Everyone

There has never been one single dieting program that will work over the long term for everybody. There is, however, one key factor that is commonly missing in most weight loss programs.

Dieting in a balanced way

Depends on Your Unique Requirements

Your dieting program — the dieting program that is best for you — depends on your unique nutritional requirements. The first step in any successful diet is to get your body into balance by identifying and replenishing the nutrients that your body craves. Only then can you begin to establish a solid, nutritious diet — the right one for you — which becomes a part of your lifestyle without taking over your life.

Lifelong Healthy Weight

Correcting nutritionally-related problems such as these makes achieving a lifelong healthy weight possible.

Meals Must Be Satisfying

No matter how few calories you eat, a diet won’t work unless the meals are satisfying and pleasing — your body will eventually rebel — you won’t feel well and your metabolism will slow down.

Supplements Must Be the Right Ones

There are vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements as well as superfoods that can help you lose weight faster but they must be the right ones for you — the ones that your body needs.

Get Supplements Locally

Please note that I do not sell foods, vitamins or any other nutritional products — I provide weight loss analysis and counselling. My recommendations usually include specific foods, vitamins and nutritional supplements that are available from your local suppliers. If you would like me to personally help you, please click on the "Our HealthCheckPro Service" menu item at the top of the page.

Lose Weight Eating Foods You Like

When your body is nutritionally balanced, you will be able to lose weight eating the foods that you like — the foods that make you feel satisfied in a whole body sense — emotionally, mentally and physically.

More Detailed Dieting Recommendations

Please also see our detailed recommendations for nutritional weight control here.

Dieting – no one program works for all. There is a missing key factor. Symptom quiz & video
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Dieting – no one program works for all. There is a missing key factor. Symptom quiz & video
Dieting success means first identify and restore the nutrients that your body craves. And the meals must be satisfying. Symptom quiz & video
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