Depression can be caused by almost any nutrient deficiency.

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How to Reverse Depression Nutritionally

Background Information

Chronic depression may stem from a number of different causes -- psychological, social and/or nutritional.

Nutrition Often Overlooked

It's unfortunate that nutritional factors are often overlooked. The food we eat has a direct effect on our mental outlook. Almost any nutrient deficiency can cause or worsen depression. This is particularly true for low levels of the B vitamins.

Nutrients That Affect Depression

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Nutritional Deficiencies
Cause Depression?

Many depressed people have at least marginal nutritional deficiencies. However it's not always clear if the deficiency was a factor in causing the depression, or if the illness may have precipitated the deficiency.

Depression and anxiety

Inability to Absorb Nutrients

Nutritional deficiencies are sometimes caused by the inability to absorb nutrients from food properly. See the low digestive enzymes, underactive stomach and food combining recommendations.

Check your online recommendations for specific foods you should add to your diet to correct deficiencies.

Eat Some of These Every Day

  • Fresh fruit
  • 5-6 servings (half cup each) of fresh vegetables daily:
  • salads
  • broccoli,
  • Brussels sprouts
  • cabbage
  • winter squash
  • leafy greens (steamed, raw, stir-fried and in soups, casseroles, pastas, etc.) like:
  • kale
  • collards
  • beet greens
  •  Eat often:
  • brown rice
  • whole grain pastas,
  • whole grain breads,
  • ​whole grain cereals
  • legumes
  • Take a multivitamin/mineral supplement every day with a meal.
  • Try to get more of your protein from vegetable sources like:
  • soy foods
  • sprouts
  • black beans
  • whole grains
  • raw nuts
  • seeds, etc.
  • all the while cutting back on red meat
  • Sea food, fish, eggs and low fat yogurt are also good protein sources
Depression is having it all and still feeling sad

Adequate Fiber

A diet high in fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains will supply lots of fibre but if you feel you need more, powdered psyllium husks (from your health food store) would be a good choice. Take about a tablespoon in a large glass of water or diluted juice, on an empty stomach. First thing in the morning or about two hours after your evening meal may be the best times.

You can take it every day, but one to three times a week may be enough. It is a gentle, lubricating herbal fibre which cleanses the colon while adding bulk to the stool.

Drink plenty of water when taking any fibre supplement.

Depression and feeling unwanted

Green Food Powdered Supplement

.A green food powdered supplement that is dissolved in water or diluted juice would be an excellent supplement for you. It would give you a quick green boost (minerals) and, since it is a food-source supplement, it is easily absorbed. Wheat grass, barley grass, spirulina and chlorella are the main ingredients. They supply an extra boost of vegetable protein, minerals, a wide range of vitamins and chlorophyl (good for your liver). Wakunaga Kyo-Green would be a good one to try (it's not too expensive) but there are others available if you can't find it. Green superfoods are really good fatigue fighters, too -- and can help prevent food cravings when taken between meals.

Depression and burnout

Blood Sugar Swings

Blood sugar swings have an immediate effect on the brain and our mood. Many people who suffer from depression have blood sugar problems and, as a result, eat a nutrient-deficient diet. See the online hypoglycemia recommendations.

Low Thyroid or Adrenal Imbalance?

Both low thyroid function and adrenal imbalance are associated with depression.


Make an effort to find out if you have any allergies or food sensitivities. It's not clear whether allergies can actually cause depression, but they can cause headaches, mental lethargy (especially after eating), irritability, heart palpitations and many other symptoms that could make you feel worse and make it much more difficult to improve your overall health.

Helpful Depression Tips

  • Cut way back on, or eliminate
  • caffeine
  • alcohol
  • sugar
  • refined and processed foods
  • foods with a lot of additives
  • diet foods or drinks sweetened with artificial sweeteners like Aspartame or NutraSweet.
  • drink six to eight glasses of pure water every day
  • low iron levels may cause depression in some people
  • do not take iron supplements unless they are recommended by your doctor. See the online iron recommendations.
  • If you are not currently taking any anti-depressant drugs, you might want to try St. John's wort -- an herb which has been used to treat mild to moderate depression
  • It's best to consult a holistic medical doctor, such as a naturopath or homeopath, when taking herbs to treat a medical condition as they often work best when taken in descending-strength doses and they are usually not taken over a long period of time
  • do not take St. John's wort or other herbal supplements if you are already taking a prescribed anti-depressant drug. Also, note that high doses of St. John's wort may cause sun sensitivity and/or stomach/intestinal upsets
  • Amino acid supplements have also been used successfully to treat some cases of depression but the supplements must be prescribed and formulated for you by a doctor
  • Physical exercise acts as an anti-depressant. Try to get at least thirty minutes of exercise every day if possible
  • Fresh air and early morning sunlight are also beneficial
  • Biofeedback, hypnotherapy and acupuncture have been helpful for many people with chronic depression
  • Massage therapy and yoga exercises are also good.
Depression is a prison

Natural, Whole Foods are Best

Stick to natural, whole foods as much as possible.  Processed and refined foods can aggravate your depression, especially sugar.

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Depression can be caused by almost any nutrient deficiency. Symptom quiz & video
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Depression can be caused by almost any nutrient deficiency. Symptom quiz & video
Depression could come from blood sugar problems. Or several other nutritional problems. Symptom quiz & video - resisting depression nutritionally
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