Chlorine toxicity causes hypertension, anemia, hives and shingles.

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How to Correct Chlorine Toxicity

Excess Chlorine

This Naturally occurring chemical element exists in the body as chloride. It helps regulate your body's water balance and acid-base balance. It also maintains osmotic pressure (fluid pressure at cell levels).

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Excess Chlorine Can Cause:

  • high blood pressure
  • anemia
  • hives
  • shingles
Salt Man is taking in lots of Chlorine

High Blood Pressure

However, in excess amounts in the body it may cause high blood pressure, anemia, hives and shingles. Table salt is 60% chlorine and salt is also found naturally in many foods. Even the low-sodium diet followed by people with high blood pressure can fulfill the body's requirements. Also, when added to water as a decontaminant, it is absorbed through the skin during showering, etc.

Green Food
Powdered Supplement

A green food supplement (available at your health food store) would be a good addition to your diet. To strengthen your immune system, take a good antioxidant supplement formula, also available at your health food store.

Is There A Reason?

If you think there is any reason that you might be suffering from high levels (ie, due to environmental factors, etc.), follow these recommendations.

Homeopathic Doctor

I also recommend a consultation with a holistic doctor (such as a naturopath or homeopath).

Drinking Chlorinated Water?

If you drink large quantities of chlorinated water, you should begin drinking water that has had the chlorine removed. You can also buy a filter for your shower that will remove most of the it from your bathing water since we do absorb some through our skin.

No Liquid Fasting

Do not go on a liquid fast when cleansing your body of chemical contaminants because the fast may cause them to enter the bloodstream too quickly for your body to eliminate.

Simple Cleansing Fast

For about a week eat a diet consisting of mainly fresh vegetables, vegetable juices, non-chlorinated water and brown rice -- to help cleanse the it from your system.

Lots of Chlorine in a Salt Beef Bagel

AVOID foods like this Salt beef bagel

No Meat, Sweets, Dairy

Eat no fried foods, meats, dairy products (except yogurt) or sweet foods for awhile.

Liver Cleanse

Your liver and kidneys are your body's filtering system and may be affected by any chemical or metal toxicity. To cleanse your liver and kidneys, drink a glass of water with two to three teaspoons of lemon juice first thing in the morning.

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Chlorine toxicity causes hypertension, anemia, hives and shingles. Symptom quiz & video
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Chlorine toxicity causes hypertension, anemia, hives and shingles. Symptom quiz & video
Chlorine is absorbed through skin when showering and liver and kidneys are affected by chlorine toxicity. Symptom quiz & video: correcting chlorine toxicity
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