Cancer seeks a weak immune system.

Symptom Quiz & Video

The weight control video above may also be helpful in keeping your immune system healthy. For additional help with cancer please click here.

How to Strengthen Your Immune System to Resist Cancer

Vitamin, Mineral and
Enzyme Imbalances

Vitamin, mineral, enzyme imbalances and other nutritional deficiencies accumulate in our bodies over a long period of time.

Immune System Nutrients:

Your immune system suffers if you are overweight and/or there are deficiencies in any of these nutrients:

Nutritional Weight Maintenance

One of the best ways to resist cancer is with a nutritionally sound diet that not only helps you control your weight nutritionally but at the same time maintains the healthy levels of nutrients required for a healthy immune system.

Q u i z !

Which of These 26 Weight Loss Obstacles Do You Actually Have?

Note: Maintaining a Health Weight is Just One Way to Maintain a Healthy Immune System.

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Stand Up to Cancer

Strengthening Your
Immune System

Conversely, strengthening your immune system nutritionally is a good way to lessen your chances of contracting serious illnesses such as cancer.

Cancer Treatments

Sadly, traditional methods of treating cancer (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, etc.) are less than 50% effective when they are the only treatment utilized. By complementing your conventional treatment with diet and lifestyle changes you can bring your body into nutritional balance.

Possible Factors

  • Too Many Refined Foods
  • Too Many Fats
  • Too Much Sugar
  • Not Enough Fresh Foods
  • Not Enough Fiber

Diet is First

Diet should be the prime focus of any changes you make. As well, there are vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements and concentrated superfoods that can help you regain your nutritional strength. But they must be the right ones for you — the ones that your body needs. Please note that I do not sell foods, vitamins or any other nutritional products — I provide nutritional analysis and counseling. My recommendations usually include specific foods, vitamins and nutritional supplements that are available from your local suppliers.

Aging Changes the
Solutions We Need

Also, as we age our body chemistry changes and requires that we take a very different approach to nutrition in our middle and later years. Nutritional analysis, such as my symptomatology questionnaire provides, is an important first step in determining the status of your nutritional health and beginning a customized program to correct your unique nutritional deficiencies.

Cancer is everywhere

Bringing Your Body
Back Into Balance

By bringing your body back into nutritional balance you can begin to create an internal environment where cancer and other degenerative diseases are more vigorously repelled. Your immune system can be rejuvenated by a nutritionally strong immune system.

Individual Problem with
Individual Answers

Restoring nutritional balance is a very individual problem. Because we are each biochemically unique, our needs for specific nutrients vary greatly. 

Our Favourite Abuses

They are usually the result of many years of abuses such as:

  • eating too many refined foods
  • eating too many fats
  • ​eating too many sugars
  • consuming too few fresh foods
  • consuming too little fiber.

Changes in Body Chemistry

These deficiencies can eventually change body chemistry and cause a weakening of the immune system.

Weakening of the
Immune System

A weak immune system cannot defend you properly. You become more susceptible to all kinds of degenerative diseases, including cancer. As you probably know, cancer is a disease that is characterized by uncontrolled cell growth and by immune system weakness.

Already Have or
Had Cancer?

If you already have cancer, nutritional improvements can make a difference to your recovery.

Cancer seeks a weak immune system that has little protection. Symptom quiz & video
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Cancer seeks a weak immune system that has little protection. Symptom quiz & video
Cancer can be slowed or beaten by a strong immune system. Strengthen your immune system to resist cancer and other diseases. Symptom quiz & video
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