Is Your Body Trying to Tell You Something?

...with Little Health Symptoms?

Health symptoms like indigestion? Or dry hair? Cowlicks? Chapped lips? Joint pains? Muscle spasms? Diarrhea? Constipation? They are your body telling you that something is wrong. And it's often something that, over time, could grow into something much worse.

Over a Period of Years

Perhaps you have learned to live with these and many other "ordinary" health problems. You may feel they are too insignificant to mention to your doctor.

Health symptoms take many forms - we've found 392 of them

I am so impressed with your company. I have noticed a difference already in my overall health. - Kelly M. San Francisco CA

Still worried about all those little health symptoms that the doctor can't figure out?

Wow! That was thorough! - A.J. Halifax NS

Medical Tests No Help?

If you do talk to your doctor they are likely unable to offer any plausible explanation for your "little" health symptoms. And medical tests may reveal nothing abnormal.

Still a Worry?

But you continue to feel that something is wrong? Perhaps you just can't seem to

  • lose weight? or you have
  • nausea or dizziness? or you seem to
  • catch colds more easily than you used to? or your
  • bowel movements are painful? or you may wonder why your
  • hair is so dull? or your
  • skin is so dry?

These little symptoms could be  your body's hidden warning signs.

What could it mean if you have...

Dull, lifeless hair... ?

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Don't your hidden health symptoms seem very important?

You're so very thorough and concise with everything. Thanks again. Catherine O, Knoxville TN

If Left Uncorrected...

These small health problems may cause or contribute to much more serious problems down the road -- problems such as thyroid issues, fatigue, weight control difficulties, or many others.

Don't Seem Very Important?

These little health symptoms may seem unimportant because they start very gradually and perhaps, over a period of years, you have learned to live with them, but they're not unimportant - in fact, they can be very significant.

Wondering if there are hidden health symptoms blocking your efforts to achieve a healthy weight?

For the first time in awhile I feel good. I'll keep it up and for whatever role your Turbo Chart played, Thank You. - A.M. Portland OR

What could it mean if you...

... have memory problems?

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Weight Loss Blocked?

For instance, successful long term weight control can be made very difficult, if not impossible, by "little" health problems such as chromium deficiencies or digestive problems, as well as many other health and nutrient deficiencies.

Become Bigger Problems

Those "little" symptoms are your body trying to warn you about future health problems. We can help you pinpoint and repair your "little" health problems before they become much bigger problems. 

Health symptoms often occur in groups - we can detect the underlying problems causing health symptoms

It is SO nice to have someone actually listen to me and my concerns. Thank you so much for the information and the instructions. I really appreciate it. - T.B. Midlothian IL

What could it mean if you have...

Cravings for sugar and/or starches… ?

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Our TurboChart Quiz System

During our 20 years as health coaches we've found 392 hidden health symptoms and all of them can be early warning signs of bigger problems. We've grouped them in 21 FredaCare TurboCharts - one for each of 21 Critical Health Areas. We create your TurboChart(s) from your answers to our 15-minute TurboChart Quiz. The resulting TurboCharts are a proven and effective way we can quickly detect your potential problem areas. 

Easy to Understand Results

From your answers we create a comprehensive set of health recommendations, just for you. If we detect serious problems we recommend you immediately see your doctor. We email you your report in a personal, easy-to-read, visual format, explaining exactly what we found and exactly how to fix it.

Health symptoms can affect any age, from birth to old age

I first want to thank you for sharing such wonderful information. I'm finally starting to get a clue as to why I feel and act the way I do. K.W. Sacramento CA

Health Symptoms often warn of health / nutrient deficiencies and can be shown on TurboCharts such as this.

Precise Charts

You'll graphically see precisely where your danger zones are, together with detailed, step-by-step directions on exactly what to do. Your recommendations are easy to follow, and may involve little more than a dietary modification or a drugstore supplement. 

Discover True Wellness

Don't delay! Find and eliminate your hidden problems before they are beyond your control. By repairing them now you'll begin to discover, build and maintain lifelong health.

Your health symptoms are pointing the way to true wellness.

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Listen to your body - it's pointing the way to true wellness.

What could it mean if you...

Feel like crying often… ?

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Health Symptoms are your body talking to you and often are hidden
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Health Symptoms are your body talking to you and often are hidden
Hidden Health Symptoms warn of problems such as thyroid imbalances or weight loss issues and are often caused by hidden nutritional deficiencies.
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