Nutritional Imbalance: Excess Copper

It is important to maintain just the right amount of copper in our system — not too much, and not too little.

Copper is critically important for:

* the formation of red blood cells;
* the functioning of a healthy immune system;
* the functioning of several enzymes;
* the absorption and use of iron in the body; and
* forming elastin, which the body uses to repair connective tissue.

However, too much copper in our bodies creates problems for both the liver and the thyroid gland. Additionally, since copper is a powerful oxidant that is part of our aging process, too much copper could cause premature aging. Excess copper could cause headaches, nausea and vomiting.

Sources of copper are multivitamin/mineral tablets, water from copper pipes, and certain drugs that cause the liver to store copper. Like other toxins, excess copper can be cleansed from the body by an individually designed regimen of the correct nutritional supplements.

Excess Copper Recommendations:

Your high copper score may be just mirroring the vague symptoms of some of your other imbalances — copper toxicity is not common. However, if you think there is any… (your complete nutritional profile will have detailed information about how to manage excess copper while maintaining your the nutritional balance).