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Radiate True Health and Wellness!

Have you ever wondered about the many small health problems that, over a period of years, you have learned to live with -- ones you feel are too insignificant to mention to your doctor...?

Pinpoint Your Symptoms of Hidden Nutritional Imbalances

Medical tests may reveal nothing abnormal and your doctor may be unable to offer any plausible explanation, but you continue to feel that something is wrong -- perhaps you just can't seem to lose weight, or you have nausea or dizziness, or you seem to catch colds more easily than you used to, or your bowel movements are painful or you may wonder why your hair is so dull or your skin is so dry. Any of these symptoms may be a sign of nutritional imbalances. By pinpointing the source of your hidden warning signs and correcting them, you can begin to discover, build and maintain true wellness.

 Overcome Thyroid, Weight Control, Addiction Issues and more

I can help you discover the meaning of your hidden symptoms and show you how to fix them, as I have helped many men and women over the years.  Note that I do NOT sell nutritional products -- I provide complete and detailed nutritional advice and help. Most often I recommend dietary changes but if supplements are also required, you decide where to buy them. Within 24 hours of completing my comprehensive questionnaire you will receive a full analysis and chart showing your nutritional health in 54 areas together with links to individual pages for each imblance showing what it is, what it does and how to improve it. As well you will receive additional special nutritional recommendations for help with weight loss, quitting smoking, etc. Also, as a client you will be able to  e-mail me, Freda Newman Registered Nutritional Consultant, with any questions you may have and I will respond personally. The total cost is $US97.00.  Once I receive your payment I will send you a link to my symptom questionnaire. 

Listen to Your Body!

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