We've been finding and fixing your hidden health problems since 1997

because your health disorders (such as thyroid imbalances or weight problems) are often caused or complicated by one or more hidden nutritional deficiencies.

Nutritional imbalances, if left uncorrected, may cause or contribute to many types of problems -- such as thyroid issues, fatigue, weight control difficulties, and many others. For instance, successful long term weight control can be made very difficult, if not impossible, by nutritional imbalances such as under or overactive thyroid, adrenals, digestive system, etc.And maybe you've already been wondering about some of

the many little symptoms of nutritional imbalances, small health problems that, over a period of years, you have learned to live with -- that you may have felt were too insignificant to mention to your doctor...? By pinpointing the source of these hidden warning signs and correcting them, you can eliminate many dangerous health issues before they get started - and begin to discover, build and maintain true wellness.

Freda Newman RNC and Jon Pedersen

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